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Where I Live

Where I Grew Up/ Where I Live is a new series of articles about either where someone grew up or where they live currently. In order for someone to write about the place, they have to have lived there for at least one year. That means that if someone moved a few times growing up, they could choose any of those places, as long as they lived there more than a year. The reason for this is that if you live in a place for a year, you see all four seasons (spring, summer, winter, and fall) and get to know a place much better than if you live there just a month or two. Included in this article will be a map of the world showing where the place is, and a drawing of somewhere in the place. For any student of geography, it’s much easier to know a place if you go there in person or read about someone’s time there. I hope that you’ll be introduced to many interesting places all over the world by reading this article each issue of INK. In the current issue of INK (Nov 10, 2022), I write about where I grew up, the Bay Area in California.

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