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What's INK?

INK stands for the Illustrated Newspaper for Kids. Our goal is to put out a new issue twice a month: on the 10th day and the 25th day of the month. 

INK Extras

  1. Crossword Puzzle. The words to find in the puzzle are taken from that particular issue of INK. 

  2. On The Lookout. This is a picture where you have to find things in the picture. Each issue of INK has a “On The Lookout” picture loosely related to something in that issue. 

  3. Where I Live/Where I Grew Up. This is where people write about where they grew p or where they live. One of the best ways to learn geography is by traveling places or hearing about people that live in different places. Someone has to live in a place for more than one year in order to write for this part of INK.

  4. Where Does It Fit? Here we post a picture of a paragraph or two and you have to figure out which article it belongs to.

  5. From The News. This is where we give ideas to explore the articles further or to help see how you might write an article if you were working for the newspaper.

  6. For Laughs. This is a small joke section that we hope will bring a smile and maybe even a laugh.

  7. One of the articles will give clues about where the story takes place and you have to use the clues (and an atlas or globe) to figure out where the article takes places. 

  8. From The Zoo. In this part of the newspaper we talk about something having to do with animals.

  9. Not The Same. Spot 5 differences in the 2 pictures.

Here's a short video introduction to INK.

Take a look at our INK newspaper here.

Take a look at our books here.

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