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There was a big earthquake in China, a volcano in Iceland, and a mudslide in Columbia (one of the articles where you have to guess where it’s from). There are also many toads that don’t belong in Australia (the other article where you have to guess where it’s from- this issue of INK we did 2 of them). For the “Where I Grew Up” article this time, read about life in Western Australia. “From the zoo” is about how alligators survive in the cold winter and there’s a new article in the newspaper called “Act of kindness.” We hope to make this a regular article in INK, show casing something good that someone has done to help someone. Also, we have two new kinds of subscriptions for printed issues of INK. You can get INK delivered to your door in the mail. Take a look at the website to check it out.


INK Issue 3.2 (January 25, 2024)

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