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Ideas for learning about current events

It's important for children to learn about current events, especially older children and teenagers. There are a few reasons for this: to understand better what's going on in the world, to see how current events relate to history, to see how countries relate to each other (in today's world, countries often rely and work with other countries), etc... Here are some ideas to learn more about current events:

  1. When you read an article or something that's often in the news, look on a globe where that country is and learn a little about that country.

  2. Choose one news article and draw a picture about it or say back (or write) what you remember. Does this news article relate to anything else you've been reading about either in the newspaper or in other books you're reading (or have read before)?

  3. If there's anything about food or food shortages in the newspaper, you can see what country it's in and cook an item (maybe a special type of bread or snack) that they normally eat there. If the news article is about food shortages, you can do without one item for a day or week and see how it's like to better understand food shortages. One example is that earlier because of the situation with Russia and Ukraine, many countries who depend on wheat from this part of the world haven't been able to get wheat. They're working on letting ships out so the wheat and other grain can get to these other countries, which is great. To better understand what these countries face without the wheat and grains they normally have, go a week or a few days without any wheat products (no bread, no noodles, no cookies, etc...). Another example could be in places where there's a famine, try and go without food for lunch one day to better understand what these people are going through.

  4. Try and come up with a solution to a problem in the world today that you saw in the news. It could be hunger in one country, a natural disaster, etc...

  5. Natural disasters are often in the news. You can watch documentaries or read about natural disasters, especially if there's a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake in the news.

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